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Ideas for March

1  Aragorn's Birthday: Have a party.
2 Théoden is Healed: Work on any healing things you'd like.
            AND Peter Hamilton's Birthday: Read some of his writings.
3 Ents Conquer Isengard Day
8 Aragorn Takes the Paths of the Dead
9 Kenneth Grahame Birthday: Read some of his writings.
10 Cordeau/Twine
11 Douglas Adams Birthday: Read some of his writings.
12 Persil/Parsley
13 Alastair Reynolds Birthday: Read some of his writings.
14 Albert Einstein Birthday: Do something as intelligent as you can!
20 Fred/Mr. Rogers Birthday: Do something really good for some children.
22 Reward Day
23 Fanny Farmer Birthday: Enjoy some retro cookbooks, and even better cook from them today.
24 Tulipe/Tulip
            AND William Morris Birthday: Enjoy some of his artwork, and even better see if you can follow some of his life-living advice.
25 The Ring Is Destroyed Day: Have a HUGE party!!
26 Diana Ross Birthday: Listen to her songs.
            AND Robert Frost Birthday: Read some of his poems.
28 Jonquille/Daffodil/Jonquil
31 Pervenche/Periwinkle
            AND Deborah Duchess of Devonshire Birthday: Read some of her writings and/or view her home of Chatsworth!!!

February 21

Happy birthday to Kelsey Grammer! I love your work! (He was born in the US Virgin Islands, cool!) 

Some others of my favorite entertainers were born today -- Nina Simone in 1933 and Erma Bombeck in 1927 and W.H. Auden in 1907. It's also when the first issue of the New Yorker was published, in 1925. http://archives.newyorker.com/?i=1925-02-21#folio=CV1


February 11

Patrick Leigh Fermor was born today in 1915. What a fascinating scholar, what a fabulous writer, what an amazing life-designer he was.

This is my favorite site about him:

Ideas for February

Including some French Republican calendar days...

3 National Carrot Cake Day
7 Charles Dickens Birthday
            AND Laura Ingalls Wilder Birthday
8 Jules Verne Birthday: Read or watch some stories.
9 Carole King Birthday: Listen to her songs.
10 Oven and Ovenware Day
11 Patrick Leigh Fermor Birthday: Read some of his writings, and if you'd like investigate traveling somewhere he did.
12 Charles Darwin Birthday: Read recent research into evolution.
14 Gandalf Returns to Life Day: Definitely time for a party!
            AND Jack Benny Birthday: Watch or listen to a show while you relax.
18 Traîneau/Sleigh
            AND Louis Comfort Tiffany Birthday: See some of his art at least in a book.
21 Nina Simone Birthday: Listen to her songs.
            AND Anniversary of First New Yorker Magazine: Read some of the current one.
27 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Birthday: Read some of his writings.
28 A Day of Hope: Remove any wintry decorations and put up flowers, etc. to remind you of rebirth/renewal/spring. Get any new clothes your wardrobe requires. Play happy songs, especially if they feature flower motifs.
29 Meriadoc and Pippin Meet Treebeard Day

January 14

Hugh Lofting was born today in 1886. He's the creator of Dr. Doolittle, and he wrote many more books about that charming man than I knew; from a site I've often found useful, http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/l/hugh-lofting/ :
1. The Story of Doctor Dolittle (1920)
     aka Doctor Dolittle
2. The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (1922)
     aka Doctor Dolittle and the Pirates
3. Doctor Dolittle's Post Office (1923)
4. Doctor Dolittle's Circus (1924)
5. Doctor Dolittle's Zoo (1925)
6. Doctor Dolittle's Caravan (1926)
7. Doctor Dolittle's Garden (1927)
8. Doctor Dolittle in the Moon (1928)
9. Gub Gub's Book (1932)
10. Doctor Dolittle's Return (1933)
11. Doctor Dolittle's Birthday Book (1936)
12. Dr Dolittle and the Secret Lake (1948)
13. Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary (1950)
14. Dr Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures (1952)

There's a cool site you might like, especially if you don't have an e-reader, where you can read books such as a couple Dr. Doolittles, a chapter at a time: http://www.pagebypagebooks.com/
Did you know this author of Dr. Doolittle was himself very intelligent -- he got an engineering degree from MIT!

Ideas for January

1 New Year's Day (note that April 6 is the Elves' New Year, if you'd like to celebrate that instead)
2 Isaac Asimov's Birthday: Read some of his writings.
3 J.R.R. Tolkien's Birthday: Read some of his writings and/or watch movies from them. Even better, have a party! Any gifts = his books or materials for your own writing or membership in your favored Tolkien society.
6 Danny Thomas Birthday: Watch some of his old shows.
            AND Sherlock Holmes Birthday: Read some stories about him.
7 Check Verne library for Feb 8.
9 Baskets Day
10 Ray Bolger Birthday: Watch the Wizard of Oz and/or play its music.
            AND Anniversary of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning's writing each other for the first time: Read love and/or their poetry.
11 Check Fermor library for Feb 11.
12 Consider Middle Earth festival March 1-2-3.
13 Consider celebrations of Gandalf Feb 14.
14 Chat/Cats
            AND Hugh Lofting's Birthday: Read some of his eg Dolittle writings.
18 A.A. Milne Birthday: Read some of his writings.
            AND Danny Kaye's Birthday: Watch some of his shows.
20 George Burns Birthday: Watch some of his shows/movies.
24 Begin plans for March 25 Ring Is Destroyed Day.
25 Etta James Birthday: Play her music.
26 Carrot cake ingred onto groc list for Feb 3.
28 Check Carole King music for Feb 9.
29 Consider oven meal for Feb 10.
30 Angela Thirkell Birthday

January 1

Hope smiles on the threshold of the year to come, whispering that it will be happier. - Alfred Lord Tennyson

People used to give each other gifts today rather than Christmas, in the 1500s and earlier.....