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May 22

Mary Cassatt was born today too, in 1844. I love her paintings and loved filling my apartment with prints from her when my children were young, especially this one...

May 18

Bertrand Russell was born today in 1872! I love his writings!

And happy birthday to the very very talented and funny Tina Fey!

May 17

It's Enya's birthday! I especially adore her first album, actually, "The Celts," which I'm told was for a soundtrack. It seems especially magical. Somehow it really helped me through a difficult time decades ago. Ooo, here's a video where you can learn umm I think it's some Spanish, plus see cool castles:

May 11

Creators of beautiful entertainment were born today: Irving Berlin in 1888, and Martha Graham in 1894. Here's an amazing video, the first of a few, of her dancing to the music of Aaron Copland. How ever do they dance in those dresses?

May 10

Fred Astaire was born today in 1899. Recently I've been discovering the songs he sang as he danced so beautifully.

Ideas for May

1 Aragorn Is Crowned
            AND Sam Marries Rose
3 Bing Crosby Birthday: Watch his shows/listen to his music.
4 Audrey Hepburn Birthday: Watch some of her movies.
10 Thrifty Day: Go to a thrift or vintage store if you need anything.
12 Dante Gabriel Rossetti Birthday: Enjoy his art.
            AND Edward Lear Birthday: Read some of his writings.
16 Civette/Chive
17 Enya Birthday: Listen to her music.
18 Ferns Day
20 Margery Allingham Birthday: Read some of her writings.
21 Hémérocalle/Daylily
22 Frèfle/Clover
24 Walter Moers Birthday: Read some of his writings.
25 Ralph Waldo Emerson Birthday: Read some of his writings.
            AND National Wine Day: Have a fabulous one with dinner. Check into wine clubs if you don't have a great source locally.
26 Peggy Lee Birthday: Listen to her songs.
30 Fraise/Strawberries